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About Us

Fawn + Foal is a family of four. Mom runs the business with momentum from a supportive crew. Pop’s philosophical mind processes bits of everyday and are gifted as artistic interpretive candy. Osh and Dez are the spirit of everything that actually gets done.

This entire gig started as a hobby. I suppose most businesses do. The goal of what we’re doing has never been anything outside of being able to find that beautiful balance of doing something with heart that returns enough money that you can then do it again. And again. And on and on.

The path toward becoming a brand was adventurous. We took the path down by the stream instead of walking along the marked road. Which allowed us to really figure out what we’re going for and what we hope translates through the product and into the lives of the folks who buy this stuff. It’s love. It’s a solid, soft shirt. It’s the process that carries an energy from our space to yours. I’m not a mystic nor am I stuffed with cheese, but dangit I do love a good, honest display of gratitude for love.

Back in the day, this is kind of what happened :

I fell into printing when our son was born in 2007. Necessity was indeed that age-old mother of creation and she reared me well. I started making things because I didn’t have them; primarily baby clothing, diaper changing pads, bags. I googled screenprinting videos and built screens out of scrap wood and old fabric pieces. I failed miserably and succeeded rarely. And then I started succeeding more often than I failed and decided to make a business out of it.┬áNearly 10 years later I’m still making all sorts of things. I screenprint more often than I sew, and I don’t use the hand-made screens any longer. Necessity is still my fuel.

The current State Apparel line – #bethesomeone #mystateshirt – was born out of necessity. No one in Boston knew where Idaho was. Furthermore, they didn’t believe my father-in-law when he said where Idaho was. So we made him a tshirt map to hang in his office. Then someone said “Hey, I need that to go to someone I love in Oklahoma. Can it say ‘Someone in Idaho Loves Me?’ so he knows?”

So many states later.
I’ll never stop making things.